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Stephen Melachrinos

Justin -

There are two parts of the setup of an "external soundcard" interface like the SignaLink: the computer side and the radio side. (Sorry if that was a "doh!")

As others have pointed out, the radio side is pretty easy--you use a cable specific to your radio, and then adjust the signal level to the radio using the Tx knob on the SignaLink.

The computer side has a few more steps, but it's still pretty easy. It's a single USB cable, so the mechanical part is easy. Once you plug it in (and both the computer and SignaLink are powered on), the computer should recognize the external sound card and then set it up. You then have to make sure that the external sound card is selected for your PSK program and nothing else. You can continue to use the computer's sound card for other audio functions, like sound on web sites, Windows sounds, etc. But don't let Windows use the SignaLink's sound card for any of those functions or you risk transmitting things like Windows chimes and music over the air. Somewhere in your PSK program should be a menu to select the SignaLink. (Note that it might not actually be called "SignaLink" to Windows--it might have a name based on the chipset inside. Before you plug it in, take a note of what your internal sound card is called, and then look for the new one after the SignaLink is plugged in.) Finally, set the gain of the audio going to the PC using the Rx knob on the SignaLink. 

The last thing to do is configure the virtual COM port used for PTT. Rather than try to figure it out logically, I just tried the various choices in the PSK program until I found the one that keyed the radio.

I used a SignaLink USB at the "rental" station in Guam, so it's been a while since I've used one, but one thing I do remember is try not to use different USB ports on the computer if you have to disconnect and then reconnect the SignaLink. IIRC, if I used the same port then the computer and software remembered the settings. If I used a different USB port, then I had to change the settings in the software (like the number of the virtual COM port).


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I've do a little bit mor digging and found an "external soundcard" might
work bu-t I don't know how easy it is to configure. Let me also explain I
don;t have the hand control to do ANY assembly on my own so and
suggestions of "kits" or home made interfaces is our. I also did the same
research Steve,W3HF di before I came on here looking for suggestions


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