Re: At a crossroads

Jerry N9AVY

I won one of those at W9DXCC  a few years back, assembled it, but never put in on a radio.  Keep running across it in basement and think about hooking it up, but always seem to move on to other things.
Jerry  N9AVY

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If your cheap like I am look at the Unified Microsystems interface..Ive been using one for years...only 25 bucks

Brian K9WIS
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> Folks
> As many know, with the exception of last year's APE with Steve,W3HF, I
> have been off the air for close to three years. Last year I moved down to
> Cape May,NJ from Woopdcliff Lake and I can't use my dipole because of
> property restraints My HF rig is a used FT-897 with the knobs broken. I
> just recently got a Lenovo FLEX 5 laptop that has a combined audio
> input/output jack, I don't know what PSK interface I could use, maybe a
> signal link USB. I have tried to do some research but have come up empty.
> I am HEARING PSK signals so I know the antenna works!
> Thanks\
> Justin, KC2GIK

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