Harry Wilkins

KC3FL is on 14070.8 with AD0ED, Not too strong here right now.


Harry, K9HW


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Thanks, let me know what he says please.

73 Jim K5SP

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I saw him on the air yday afternoon. I will look for him today . I seem to have a prop pipeline to Florida the last few days.




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If anyone has any contact with John, KC3FL, ask him if he has received
the emails with his membership information.

His ISP may be blocking our emails as SPAM, and he is not receiving
them.  He has submitted numerous applications for membership, thinking
we are not getting his submissions.
I have responded to his emails but get no response from him.   So, that
makes me think his ISP may be blocking us.

If you have any contact with him please let him know that he is a member
(#2566), and that he needs to check his Spam folder.

Jim, K5SP
Membership Director.


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