Re: 30m success !

Jerry N9AVY

Just worked a guy in FL this morning who was using a 570D  and his signal was flawless !

Jerry  n9avy

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Jerry good luck with the 570-S.

I have one as my primary rig and it has worked flawlessly for me since 1999.  Have not had a single problem with it. (Knock on wood).

Jim, K5SP

On 8/27/2017 5:19 PM, Jerry n9avy@... [070] wrote:
Nope, nothing against drinking ... used to be able to drink anyone under the table.  Just tapered off , In 2000, I passed out behind the wheel on one of Chicago's Expressways.  Later found out I had diabetes and blood sugar was way over 400.  Will have about 2 beers a year , evenly spaced now.

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