Re: 30m success !

Jerry N9AVY

Nope, no dishwasher !  Too risky. Guess you guys in Canada take baths in dishwasher, huh ?  
All the cables are in baggie with radio .  Have used this technique before  and after 3 days in the bag all is like new.

Jerry  n9avy

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You might want to see if it is feasible to dismantle partially es run some thru the dishwasher. 
Also remember to put all the cables in the baggie as well.
been there

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Got Bob, KC9UR in the log in spite of rain here.  Also put Mike , WM4B (totally unexpected!) in the 30m log. 
First time I got  KC9UR  on 3  bands !!!
Jerry  N9AVY
P.S.   Just picked up a TS-570S from a Silent Key estate sale.  Unfortunately,  he was a heavy smoker and now that surface cleaned rig, it's been sealed in a big baggie along with bunches of dryer sheets to remove odor.  Will be about mid-week before I can put it on the air. 

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