Re: 2017 KC9UR Pontoon Portable APE - 30m and 17m


Both bands are dead in the PNW
Looks like I will be one band short again but gives me next year to look fwd to.
Thanks to you and Bob for continuing to provide this entertainment to us.
Hope you had as much fun as I did

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Good morning...

As we approach the end of APE here at Round Lake, we will try to fill in some holes from 30m and 17m. I see FT8 on 17m now, so there are some excited particles afloat.

Stan on 17m, 18,100 +2,500 (hopefully avoiding the FT8s)

Bob on 10,140  +2,000Hz

Send us a reply if you need a fill-in on 20m or 40m in order to qualify for your APE Hunter Certificate.

For 6m, I will check DXMaps for Es on the half hour. Nothing seen just now.

We plan to shut down at noon, 1600 UTC.

Thanks for following the Pontoon Portable APEs.


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