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Richard Rohrer

Well today had its ups and downs on propagation.  Morning seemed poor and it improved in the afternoon.  At first I thought today was going to be a washout on trying to activate DM86, with no traces showing up when the XYL and I left the hotel in Dumas, TX.  Started calling while in DM95 with no responses.  When I crossed over into DM86 I saw NU4C, Paul on the waterfall and made contact.  The conditions were spotty, but good enough to put him in the log.  A bit later N9AVY, Jerry answered my call and he was in the log. Then I worked N8FL, Alan and then N4GBK, Bill.  Worked a total of 8 stations from the grid.  Visited the Capulin Volcano NM which has a great view.  We could see the mountains in CO form there, some still had snow on them.  Headed down the road toward Raton, NM for lunch and was just going to shut down when N9AVY showed up on the waterfall and Jerry got to work me in DM76.  After lunch we went down to the wildlife refuge and did some bird watching.  One of the best views was a golden eagle.  Started back up I25 toward Pueblo and called a lot for DM76, but not much action.  

I am happy with my first mobile digital adventure.  One thing I found is that can be hard to type if the roads are bouncy.  We will be in Dillon, CO for the next week.  I will post when we are starting back on the road.  

Thanks to all who had the patience to work my lower powered station. 


On Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 1:54 PM, Richard Rohrer <kc3ef1@...> wrote:
Just finished lunch in Raton NM, DM76.  Heading South to DM75 and then bacm thru DM76.


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When I worked at 1435 Z  Dick said he was in Dalhart  Texas....   must have moved...
Jerry  N9AVY

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Worked him a short while ago.  He's in DM86 New Mexico.  Conditions not good but we made a QSO. 14.070 + 2000

Also, seeing R9CQ Asiatic Russia fairly strong right now at about 14.070 + 1500.

Happy Radio!

Bill N4GBK  FM16 eastern NC

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I will be in DM86 around 13:00 gmt.  I will start calling when I hit the border for the square.  Probably trying around 14.072 to keep above other users.  Center frequency of 14.070.5 with 1.5 khz offset.  Also possibility of DM75 and DM76.


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