Re: 2017 KC9UR Pontoon Portable APE - On the Air

stan W9SMR

Finally figured out the problem with the Half-square. Muskrats must have chewed thru switch control cable. Now working OK.

Operation switching to Bob on 20m. Stan will call on 17m 18,100 +2,000 HZ and check-call on 6m on the half hours. 40m looks promising as we hear SSB but see no traces. Will check back again.

Look for us. Got 18 in the log on 20m so far.


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WE finally got the antennas up and tuned.

Saw PropNet from EL99 on 6m. Will call on the half-hours around 50,290 +2,000 Hz.

Otherwise, look for KC9UR on 20m 14,070 +2,000 Hz
Bob tuning up for 17m. If we can find a hole around the FT8 signals..

Worked first ever APE to APE using Pontoon Portable to Pontoon Portable stations. Tnx Matt, W5MMW/VE3

Off we go, 73,

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Yahoo decided to bury the announcement I posted yesterday into an old thread from years past, so I'm re-posting it:

The KC9UR Pontoon Portable APE has been spotted thrashing about northeast Indiana preparing to get on the air this Friday afternoon, Aug 25th, and continuing through Sunday morning, Aug 27th.  Stan (W9SMR) and I are looking forward to our 5th consecutive APE from beautiful Round Lake, and to reconnecting with hunters of years past as well as working as many new PSKers as possible (last year's contact total exceeded 200).  As in previous years, we're offering a custom QSL card and also a nice certificate to the persistent hunters who work us on three or more bands.  We will be operating two stations on 80 thru 6 meters, propagation permitting.  We'll post updates to this forum when we get on the air.

Happy hunting!
Stan (W9SMR) and Bob (KC9UR)

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