Re: August Trip

Richard Rohrer

Just finished lunch in Raton NM, DM76.  Heading South to DM75 and then bacm thru DM76.


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When I worked at 1435 Z  Dick said he was in Dalhart  Texas....   must have moved...
Jerry  N9AVY

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Worked him a short while ago.  He's in DM86 New Mexico.  Conditions not good but we made a QSO. 14.070 + 2000

Also, seeing R9CQ Asiatic Russia fairly strong right now at about 14.070 + 1500.

Happy Radio!

Bill N4GBK  FM16 eastern NC

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I will be in DM86 around 13:00 gmt.  I will start calling when I hit the border for the square.  Probably trying around 14.072 to keep above other users.  Center frequency of 14.070.5 with 1.5 khz offset.  Also possibility of DM75 and DM76.


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