Re: My 366 progress

David, K9DWR

hang in there, Paula, and all the best for a speedy recovery!

David, K9DWR
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Only 8 dates left to fill for my 366 now. September 6 and 7 come up before my next surgery date. I am having my other (right) knee replaced on September 13th. My next date after surgery is September 17 – hopefully I will feel up to making it down the stairs into the shack for my contact. If not, I’ll get the hubby to turn on the rig and fire up the software, and I’ll remote to it from my laptop. I should be able to make it down the stairs and back up, but it won’t be easy – that will be my adventure for the day, for sure! I’m gonna make it come hell or high water!

After that one, I’ll only have 5 left to go . . . _.

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