Re: Podxs 366 eclipsed

David, K9DWR

Sounds like my idea of hanging around until Tuesday paid off. Driving home to Plainfield was a breeze on Aug 22. :-)

David, K9DWR
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On Aug 22, 2017, at 13:45, Mike Flowers [070] <> wrote:

Corvallis, OR - the predicted 'carmegedeon' for central Oregon did not occur.

The solar eclipse at totality was just amazing!

Off now for a few days on the McKenzie River before returning to San Jose ...

-- Mike Flowers, K6MKF, NCDXC - "It's about DX!"

On Aug 22, 2017, at 11:35 AM, Jerry [070] <> wrote:


Saw pictures of gridlock of folks on their way South and figured it would be worse on the return trip. Thanks to all those who ventured South to make near-broke Illinois a little greener !

Jerry N9AVY

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