Re: Frustration with QRZ

Jerry N9AVY

Well ... isn't that "especial" ...

Jerry  N9AVY

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If anyone is interested in the Special Event Callsign handling changes at QRZ you can follow:

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Well frustration hits again.

QRZ access has been spotty for a couple days. Also they have managed to lose 
my VB7150 page altogether, creating problems when contacts try to confirm my identity. 
This has been reported to QRZ support and it has been "Dispatch Ticket to HQ".
Yes I am a paid up supporter.

I had the pleasure of working a new, to me, member only to be told -

"I don't log any body not in Zed. Maybe you should fix the QRZ 
record for your call.  I am not an official observer."

I tried to explain I was OK but due to QRZ's issues he would not log the contact. Hope all 
Florida hams don't think that QRZ is the absolute definitive reference when it comes to 
determining station legitimacy.



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