Re: W5MMW/VE3 Portable Operation (APE) August 19-26


Saw you working FL so you were getting out OK.  Looked like a good Q from here.
Will be watching for you.  Hopefully I will be able to get through this time.

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On Wednesday, August 23, 2017 12:06 AM, "W5MMW Matt Manjos matt@... [070]" <070@...> wrote:

:) Thanks! I've been surprised how well it's actually worked out being forced into QRP. I am used to operating with a buddipole from a porch in the middle of a bunch of concrete apartment buildings, so being out in the open with an OCFD strung up at about 50 feet is a huge improvement.

Worked a good number during the SEQP yesterday. Going to try to get on the air each day this week.

On the bright side, RX is still fine on the radio and at least I'm not totally dead in the water. Just have to make a warranty case with icom once I get back.

Thanks again for the report!


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Hey Matt,

So it won't go over 7 watts?  I don't see the problem.  That's about 5 db better that me.
Seriously though I know full well how frustrating it is when your equipment lets you down at a critical time.  The bright side is that I have seen your signal several times but the conditions here have been absolutely awful on 20m so I haven't gotten through yet but I will keep trying.  I would like to capture at least one APE this season.  I have seen several running around in the RF jungle but no luck yet.

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On Sunday, August 20, 2017 9:59 PM, "W5MMW Matt Manjos matt@... [070]" <070@...> wrote:

Some bad news... it seems the finals on my almost brand new IC-7200 are toast. Only my second time taking it out since picking it up in June and it refuses to transmit above 8 or so watts :( The rig jumps from <1.1 SWR to ∞ and powers down if I tease the power past 8W. I get the same symptoms with 3 different known-working antenna setups, on multiple bands.

The silver lining is that it seems to be functional if I keep it below 7W. So it looks like I'll be working QRP for the rest of my APE plans (as long as the rig holds up).

Hoping to be on the air most of the day tomorrow (and during the SEQP). Not sure if the radio is actually sending 7W, but that's what it will be set to, going into either a buddipole or a OCFD depending on the band.

Cheers - 73
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On Sat, Aug 19, 2017 at 12:33 PM, W5MMW Matt Manjos <matt@...> wrote:
W5MMW/VE3 coming on the air in a few minutes. 20m band.


On Aug 4, 2017 16:04, "W5MMW Matt Manjos" <matt@...> wrote:
Just wanted to announce my plans to operate an August PSK Expedition while portable from Renfrew, Ontario, Canada.

I will be on the air as W5MMW/VE3 from grid FN15 starting Saturday, August 19th and running until Saturday, August 26th.

I'm planning on focusing on 20m during the day, 40m at night and occasionally 6m, but I can tune and operate on everything from 80 - 6 so I'm definitely open to a Sked if you need that grid on a particular band.

Likewise, please don't hesitate to reach out for a Sked if you'd like! I am hoping to be on the air each day for at least a few hours (mostly in the afternoon, Eastern time zone). Some operation will be done from pontoon boat! Pictures at

I am also planning on being on the air running PSK during the Solar Eclipse QSO Party (August 21).

I will QSL as W5MMW/VE3 (pse include suffix) to LoTW and eQSL and will be handling Paper QSL cards from my QTH in Redwood City, CA. No SASE necessary, and I'll be printing special cards for this APE.

Thanks! 73

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