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declan lennon

Hi Matthew

No problem in your own time thanks to you and John for doing this work for the club

Declan ei9hq 

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Howdy, sports fans!

Due to many circumstances beyond John's control and my control, we haven't gotten the current mailing out yet. OK, so some of the circumstances were within my control, but not all of them. :-P

We will combine the existing, late mailing with the September mailing.  The cut-off date for stickers to be included in this mailing will be 31 August, 2017.  The mailing will commence about mid-month in September.

I'm sorry that they mailing hasn't gone out already, but things have been really hectic for the both of us.  Keep an eye on your mailbox starting mid-September.

There's other exciting things afoot - stay tuned to your email!


Matt King
AK4MK - 070 #1708
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