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Hi Steve,

No don't live in a cave but I have found myself in the "dog house" a couple of times though.

I am registered and ready to go.
Hope to see you OTA.
GL 73
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There’s a Solar Eclipse tomorrow (just in case you have been living in a cave for the past few months and the only outside world contact you get is the 070 group email).

Along with the Solar Eclipse is a HamSCI project to try and characterize propagation impacts from the eclipse. They are sponsoring a Solar Eclipse QSO Party (SEQP) tomorrow from 1600 UTC until 2200 UTC and are trying to get as many hams as possible active on CW, Digital and Phone. My understanding is that based on the science they are trying to conduct, that CW and digital modes would be preferable, but SSB also would also help.

If you are around tomorrow, Monday August 21 and can put in some time, please consider participating. Doesn’t matter if you are in the path of the full eclipse, or if you are somewhere that’ll only get partially occluded (like us, 70%). IF YOU CAN'T BE AROUND, YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE. Pick a band (6, 10, 15, 20, 40, 80, 160), and leave your PSK31 software running, and SPOT received signals on that band. You’ll report received stations to PSKinfo and HamSCI will be looking at that data to determine propagation.

I'm planning on operating from home QTH in FN33 all day along along with my son KC1GDW (operating as multi operator running under my callsign, W1HS) and we will be operating PSK31 on all bands, as well as running WSPR and Phone.

More info about the SEQP can be found at

And remember, if you plan on looking at the eclipse, you can do so twice (once with each remaining good eye) without appropriate solar glasses (bad idea, don’t try), or you can get a pair of ISO 12312-2 certified glasses and look at it again and again, as well as look at other things afterwards too!

/steve - W1HS

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