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David Westbrook

Just remembered about WOTMC (word of the month club) from a few years back...
This WTH is basically identical to that -- there should be info in the group archive if someone searches for WOTMC (on phone,  can't look right now).


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Roger that David.  FAMILY FIRST!  Watch them grow.  They are all too soon grown and out on their own. Although it never felt like it when my son was growing up!  Now this old man looks back and remembers how quick it went.

I think the main thing different from the WTW would be time period constraint.  And that would add another condition to the logic.  In my mind a Zodiac sign equalled a WTW continent.  That meant that N9AVY could be worked once for each Zodiac having an A....but only during the appropriate time period.

With prop like it is, I think anything that increased activity of the membership is a good thing.  Feels like the old "use it or loose it" just happened to what had been PSK segment on 17m.  All I see there now is FT-8.

Sounds like we should pass on WTH for now.  73, take care, love those little ones....and remember to find time to breath!

Rick - N7WE
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These spelling-type of things really just boil down to working a certain number of A's, certain number of B's, etc.
In this case, the goal would be to work this many of each of these letters (first letter of suffix):
      9 A
      1 B
      6 C
      5 E
      3 G
     11 I
      2 L
      1 M
      3 N
      5 O
      3 P
      1 Q
     10 R
      8 S
      3 T
      5 U
      1 V
Noting to do with words, or DX, or propagation or anything to learn or experiment with -- purely just making any contacts .. personally, for that reason, I don't like WTW or similar as an endorsement series.

If it were in the WTW model, this set of signs is basically a "continent", and the the signs (e.g. LEO) are "countries";  And if by WTW rules then you could only work a callsign  once.  e.g. for North America, if you work Jerry N9AVY, it would apply to CANADA, but you could not work him again to apply towards UNITEDSTATES.   So if you worked him for CANCER, could not work him again for TAURUS.
but it coulud be implemented however anyone wanted.

Rick -- yes, they are keeping we quite busy!   ham time is basically zero :( ...  Probably won't be on the waterfall anytime soon (maybe PSKfest in jan, or next july to chase 13colonies).    I'm pretty slow & behind on support/bugfixes for ham sites (checker, scorer, hamclubs), so don't have any plans for feat-adds unless really trivial (regular endorsement updates). 

not reading the majority of the list anymore either ... caught this thread by chance.


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Opps  77    with correct spelling of PISCES


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