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 I like it ! ... Great idea !

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Someone posted a while back about someone dreaming up the next tough one. about this for a new tough one?

Work the Heavens (WTH) - 12 different segments

In the model of Work the World, (except a lot, lot quicker and easier!) work stations to spell out the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. Same rules as WTW with the only difference being the QSO's must take place within the dates for that particular Zodiac sign.

Spell CAPRICORN - Dec 23 thru Jan 19
Spell AQUARIUS - Jan 20 thru Feb 18
Spell PICES - Feb 19 thru Mar 19
Spell ARIES - Mar 20 thru Apr 19
Spell TAURUS - Apr 20 thru May 20
Spell GEMINI - May 21 thru Jun 20
Spell CANCER - Jun 21 thru Jul 22
Spell LEO - Jul 23 thru Aug 22
Spell VIRGO - Aug 23 thru Sept 22
Spell LIBRA - Sept 23 thru Oct 22
Spell SCORPIO - Oct 23 thru Nov 21
Spell SAGITTARIUS - Nov 22 thru Dec 22

Don't know how difficult that would be for David to set up in the Checker, but it sure would be easier to work on than DX what with the really lousy prop that is supposed to hang on for another 2 years or so!  Just my suggestion.

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