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Jerry N9AVY

There used to be one in 10-10 chapter (Air Capital) which was a cross country flight. One had to fly from either coast using only states which bordering on each other  ( CA- AZ-NM-TX-OK-MO-IL-IN-OH-PA-NJ   for example).   To make it harder one could fly the return route via Canada).   Just a thought... It would be a one year thing like in 2018 with only 2018 contacts counting.
Hard enough ?
Jerry  N9AVY

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Congrats Sid

It was a pleasure helping you get there. Now I think all you
over-achievers should dream up the next big one.

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Thanks to everyone who helped along the way. A special thanks to Barry (VA7GEM, VB7150). We had many contacts over the past several months.


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Congrats Sid - W7JSD with your completed 366

And yes Rick, I have note the 25 September in my agenda and hope to find a PSKer that day, hi... :) 

73 de Pat, ON2AD

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