Re: N8GU/VY2 from PEI - Lighthouse, Marconi Museum, and NA-029

Chris J LaRue NO7E

Terrible band conditions, no copy at all in Nevada :(  Will keep an out for him.

73 de Chris NO7E

On 8/17/17 10:15 AM, n7we1980@... [070] wrote:

Bob, N8GU/VY2 is currently on 14.070 + about 1300 from Cape Bear Lighthouse (CA 0049) on Prince Edward Island.  He is operating near the Marconi Museum.  I think he plans to be there thru the Lighthouse Weekend.  But you can get him now!  This is a province that is not often on using PSK.  It is also IOTA NA-029.

Rick - N7WE

070 - #1602


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