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Richard Rohrer

Hi Paul,

I thought I had put the date for DM56 in the e-mail.  It is 9/6 and most likely in the afternoon.  I will put the name of the county that I am operating from.  I have attached a word doc that has the google map links.  Just past and go and it will generate the correct map.  If there are any other places you need let me know and I will try to accommodate. 

After this trip we are planing a trip to San Jose in late Dec/Jan and stopping in TX (EL28), which should be interesting since it has only a little dry land in it. 

Tested radio/antenna in car this morning and worked Cuba on JT65.


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I would like the links to Google Map please. Also, do you have a forecast date for DM56?
If you can easily determine the County you are transmitting from please include that info in your exchange. It would be a plus for those of us who chase counties. However, if you are unclear as to County we can infer it from City Name on your list.
tiu and 73
de Paul NU4C

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Ok everyone.  Here is the schedule according to the XYL.  DM86 on 8/25 during the day.  DM48 & DM37 on 9/5 during the day.  DM68 on evening of 9/3. DM67 for two evenings 9/6-9/7. DM95 on evening of 9/8.  Gainesville on evening of 9/9. 

I have decided since the rig will be in the car to use KC3EF/M for this trip.  

Will try to post possible times for the day events, but will probably be in areas with no coverage, but will try to post estimate the night before from the hotel.  If we wander off path to a different grid will try to post also.  If anyone is interested in the entire route let me known and I can e-mail the links to google maps that show the entire trip.  


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