Re: Wanted list for grids ?

DAVE KB3RAN 1692/381

Glad to see we're doing our share in FM18.  

The MD QSO Party was pretty much a bust.  Made a dozen contacts Sat in 7 hours.  Made 2 in 6 hours today before throwing in the towel.  Hope to see all on my APE from the Schooner Lewis B French somewhere in Penebscot Bay, Maine late August.  Mostly will work 20 meters in the evening. 

David Hardy   1692/381
CARA President

- There are four grids with over 10,000 QSOs each. 

FN42  10027
FM19  10262
FM18  12395
FN20  20760

I'll be posting the results spreadsheet to the Yahoo page if anyone wants to check on other grids.


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