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Jerry N9AVY

Steve, et al :
I just opened it.  Before it there was a file, but no content and I got nothing.  Accessed it via  myyahhoogroups, but have no idea what happened. It opened with open office just fine.
If anyone goes to print this out to have next to rig,  be careful as it prints out to about 10 pages.  Did my want list for grids on Open Office and had same problem. but using the old glue stick & exacto kife method I was able to put it on one page. I know I could probably have used cut & paste, but I'm old school )
Jerry  N9AVY

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I just checked and downloaded it okay. You have to be logged in to Yahoo to access the site, though. I just tried with another browser (that wasn't logged in to Yahoo) and it failed.

Find the link on the page at the upper right that says "Sign In", sign in, and try again.


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Unable to download list
Jerrry  N9AVY

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File : /Most Wanted Grids.xlsx
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Description : Number of times that the 436 grids in the 070 club's grid award show up in the log checker's database. Based on the database as of 2 Aug 2017.

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