Re: Wanted list for grids ?

Jerry N9AVY

True,  but it would only be as current as submissions to checker.  However, it would be a place to work from...
Jerry  N9AVY

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Yes, it could be built from submissions from members, but don't forget we also have the log checker's database. That would have a larger sample size than anything we could get from direct submissions for this purpose.


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Subject: [070] Wanted list for grids ?

Just wondering if there should be a "most wanted" list for needed grids ???   Maybe it should be limited to 10 or so; so as not to overwhelm the list at first... or 50 or 100 ?
This could be a useful tool for those planning on mini-Expeditions to activate needs grids. It could be set-up on Excel or similar software.
Any comments ???
Jerry  N9AVY  #454

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