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Hey Randy,

Were you surprised at how well he came in when you worked him?  heh heh.
Same thing happened to me when I was looking for Hawaii.
Now I only need Alaska and I found several that have apparently moved to the lower 48.  Nuts!
The search continues.

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As one of those who approve endorsement on the checker, I can assure you that there are many more *fake* Alaska & Hawaii stations which are not where they were first licensed   AL7MH  (AZ)   comes to mind...have rejected many endorsements  for AL7MH . 
I suggested earlier that those applying for AK & HI  endorsements check and/or FCC database to make sure that stations worked are in correct state. I guess some software automatically inserts  Alaska for every AL/KL prefixes  and same  for KH6/AH6 prefixes being assigned to Hawaii.   This proves that sometimes people are smarter than computers.
Jerry  N9AVY

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Watch out for this one, WH6LE.
I thought I had worked HI. He is in NC now.

Randy W4RTT

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