Re: Finally

Paula K7PAX #1739

I really haven't paid much attention to grids yet. Now that my 366 is approaching completion (9 days to go) I will look at grids thanks to the inspiration I have gotten from you guys!


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Congratulations, Jerry. EM91 is a tough one, though EM71 was my last for GA. As for other tough ones, here is my list:

CN98 - last one for WA
EL59 - last one for LA
FN56 and FN65 - last ones for ME
EN28 and EN38 - last ones for MN
DN82 and DN83 - last ones for NE
DM86 and DM96 - last ones for OK

Then there are 50 more grids covering 12 more states where I need more than 2 grids each to finish.


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