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Actually, an FT8 qso takes a minute and a half...but I agree.  I played with it for a couple days and I think I'm done with it. 


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I have tried it out the last couple of weeks. There is something odd about putting your software on automatic mode and letting it do all the work for you. Then in less than a minute, the whole QSO is analogies please !!!!

At least with JT65 and 9 you can enjoy a cup of coffee in between. Nothing beats PSK for me. It's nice to get a DX contact, but it means more to actually have a QSO. 

It's something new and that's what ham radio is all about. But when it is all said and done, we still have AM, CW, SSB, etc. Some modes have proven their worth over the years. 


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"Shiny new baubble.... "       Hah- hah, but kinda true !

jerry   n9avy

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FT8 is active just below JT65 on 40 meters 7.076.  I've spotted them right on that frequency, too.    That would be like psk31 and JT65 on the same frequency - very annoying.   Also, I was chastised by a JT9 user not long ago for being just above the JT65 crowd on 20 meters.  I was told I was interfering with their QSOs.  In the words of brother Rodney, "why can't we all just get along"?
(All the local new hams here with HF privileges are 'ga-ga' over FT8.  The new shiny bauble, as I have heard).

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