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Mike Besemer <mwbesemer@...>

But until the ‘suggested’ anchor is changed in the software, nobody will
move. Problem is, 17 meters is pretty narrow.

I’m not sure how much PSK activity there is on 17 meters – always seems dead
when I’m there – but since FT8 is a ‘weak signal mode’ (although a lot of
people don’t think it’s a very good one), you think they’d want to avoid the
PSK region of the band.

FWIW, I worked several stations on FT8 tonight that the software reported as
-19 dB (I don’t know what that’s reference to) but to me the traces looked
pretty strong and I suspect if it had been PSK the qso would have been quite


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FT-8 freqs: Just go into the settings in WSJT-X and change the default freq.
to anything you want. None of this is set in stone.  I would "suggest" FT-8
default frequency raised closer to the 18.110 limit than lower into the CW
portion.  Seems like the JT modes, PSK and RTTY already competing for a very
small sliver of 17m.

73 Buddy WB4M

I have been looking at FT8 as well.  If you download the program WSJT-X
1.8.0 and select FT8 and 17 meters, it automatically sets your frequency at
18.100.  You can complain to the individual operators all you want but the
solution would be to get the software gurus to change the 17 meter frequency
in the software to something other than 18.100.  This change could be made
fairly quickly and most of the current FT8 folks who get the regular
software updates and all new ones just coming up to speed on FT8 would have
the other frequency as their standard.  FT8 is new and still in development.
 It is a new world out there with things changing quickly.

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