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Mike Besemer <mwbesemer@...>

Hey! It was MY idea FIRST! (Pout!)

Mike (but ya doesn’t have to call me Michael)

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Level heads prevail ! Tnx Bill.

Jerry N9AVY

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Hi Folks,

I have been looking at FT8 as well. If you download the program WSJT-X 1.8.0 and select FT8 and 17 meters, it automatically sets your frequency at 18.100. You can complain to the individual operators all you want but the solution would be to get the software gurus to change the 17 meter frequency in the software to something other than 18.100. This change could be made fairly quickly and most of the current FT8 folks who get the regular software updates and all new ones just coming up to speed on FT8 would have the other frequency as their standard. FT8 is new and still in development. It is a new world out there with things changing quickly.

As was mentioned earlier today on this reflector, a nicely worded email to Joe K1JT asking him about why they chose 18.100 for the FT8 frequency and asking him to see if there is another frequency they might use for this mode, might be in order. Does the PODXS Club have an officer that might serve as the frequency coordinator?

I have not seen any FT8 operation in any of our other regular PSK31 frequencies. I have seen other digital modes but not FT8. Also what does the EPC or other PSK groups have to say about this. There are a lot of FT8 operators in Europe and beyond. I expect the 17 meter FT8 issue is world-wide.

Bill N4GBK #1688

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