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This was a comment made on a FB page a bit ago in reply to FT8 comments about how some guy dropped his Eqsl account....
I find it interesting that so many complain about a service like eHam. FT8 is a crazy space encouraging rage. I don't think eHam  [Eqsl ?] is the source of the problem. I think it is the people who have entered the hobby without care for the old-school ethics and standards."

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Well it's about that bad on 20 meters also FT8 has already come down into the other digital areas, Feld Hell, Olivia and such. Oh well we'll see, I'm not going to loose sleep over it, lol
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Run roughshod over them !  They'll get tired of fighting QRM or start a war !  :) devil" class="yiv8854452801yahoo-ignore-inline-image" alt="*>:) devil" src="" data="60dd7085-05d9-123f-2b29-41773005aeee">
 Seriously, someone needs to come up with a decent band plan to keep this kind of stuff from happening.  I doubt that ARRL will do much since their interest lays in promoting other things.
Jerry  N9AVY

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Has anyone noticed how the FT8 people have moved in on the PSK31 portion of 17 meters, are we supposed to move down ?

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