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Well, I am out bicycling and kayaking 4 months after my first knee replacement, so hope to be out snowshoeing 4 months after the next one!


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Thanks for the offer.  Pretty sure I'll still need CN98 in the spring.  Good luck with the knee.  Let us know how you are doing.  Hope you are out kicking the soccer ball around before New Year.  (In the rain of course. December in Port Angeles!)

Barry -
Sorry she wouldn't go for it.  Worth a try (hi hi).

CN98 looks like a primo opportunity for a GridXpedition.  Lots of 070ers want that grid.  Lovely scenery, trees, trees and more trees, Norther Cascades National Park, and Mt Baker Ski Area.  I want to go...but no go, no more.

Rick - N7WE
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