Re: KC3EF Portable Operation in Delaware

DAVE KB3RAN 1692/381

I was on 20 meters during the day on Aug 1 1830Z to 2100Z from FM28 at Bethany Beach at the Delaware Army National Guard training base.  I made 4 contacts in FL, GA and CA.  I was hearing a lot of stations but not getting out to many.  I worked my FT857 off a solar charged LiFePO4 battery to a 20mtr lightweight dipole hoisted up my 16ft Buddipole mast. Used my Galaxy 7 Edge phone bluetoothed to a lightweight keyboard hooked through a Wolphilink adapter cable.  Pictures available if interested.  This has turned into my portable station for working from picnic tables and mountain tops.  

David Hardy  # 1697/381
CARA President

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Are either of you still on from Delaware in the evenings or did I miss the window?  I've been hunting a 40m DE contact for months now.

Dave, AK7DB

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