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Jerry N9AVY

Looks like there about 10 or so small towns and lots of forests in CN98.  No wonder we don't hear any hams from there.
Jerry  n9avy

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Rick: Not this year - another knee replacement coming up in September. But maybe next Spring I could take my IC7000 mobile and take a side trip to Concrete WA on my way to Bellingham to visit my daughter. That will get you CN98!


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I did check to see about how she felt about your request.
Not in the cards, but maybe Tom could help out.
Had a look in the log and I also need that on PSK31 but did make 6M USB contact 2014 Field Day

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Don't suppose you could sell her on a KX3 for a birthday gift and a birthday minitrip across the border to CN98 could you?  Lots of us would really appreciate CN98 - hi hi!  Happy Early Birthday wishes.

Rick - N7WE
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