Re: Is Grid FM28 a hard one to get?

Jerry N9AVY

Some grids are rarer than others, but it depends on which part of U.S. you live in as well propagation/band conditions.
For us in the Midwest East coast grids are pretty easy, but stuff in Western half is much more difficult.
Of course, working those grids all depends on when they are on the air and if your schedule meets that of the grid you're seeking.  Pretty much a crap shot.
One rare one for me is EM91 is GA,  I have a friend who lives on Jekyl Is. (GA)  and I've asked him to get on the air so I can get his grid, but he's retired and seems to busy to get on the air, hi !, hi ! Also, have another local ham who summers in EN65, but he doesn't operate PSK31. 
Many grids have little or no psk31 activity; so we have to rely on good  people like N7WE & W7RIV among others to activate rare grids.
So, it's mostly a case of catch as catch can.
Jerry  n9avy

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I'm not familiar with that part of the country but I could finish 3 states by getting that grid.  Is this one that is active?  Looks like I missed it during last year's APE.

Dave AK7DB

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