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Chris J LaRue NO7E

I use DM780 for one reason and one reason only.  I am visually impaired and the HRD rig controls are great I can do everything on my 42 inch LCD TV/Monitor that I have hooked up to my laptop.  I prefer FLDigi, but Omnirig is terrible and just does not give me the control on the screen that makes it useful for those of us with vision problems.  HRD is a resource hog especially DM780.  I was a hardware tech before I lost 85% of my vision and every hardware tech hates programs that take more resources than necessary to do a job.  FLdigi on Win 10 uses about 3% on my system, DM780 doing the same job uses 15%.  That is why hard ware guys absolutely loath JAVA, it is a pig but can be tamed if not for lazy programming.  If I could go back to Log4OM and FLdigi using my ICOM RSBA-1 software to control the rig I would dump this HRD so fast it wouldn't know what happened.

73 de Chris NO7E
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Had her for a long time... I HAVE to keep her.


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Yep.  She's a keeper!

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You beat me to it.
My wife makes the coffee when she gets up early to warm up the rig for me.

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No, but my wife will.  And she’ll bring a beer and makes a killer margarita too!
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But will any of them make a cup of hot coffee first thing in the morning??????
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