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Jerry N9AVY

You're on the right track... play with all the software until you find one YOU like and works for you !
That what many of us have done.
Jerry  N9AVY

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Mike...I prefer Dodge...though I do drive a GMC. I've never owned a Ford. =)

When I started a couple years ago I started with Ham Radio Deluxe. I liked it, I really liked the interface. I thought it was clean and modern. Some of the older ones I just really cannot stand the look. I've tried a bunch and didn't care for them. Once HRD went to a more pay system, I moved to DXLab Suite and I've really liked using WinWarbler. So many options, maybe too many. I intend on trying some of the new software that was mentioned in this post. 

Bryon, W7RIV

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