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F.R. Ashley

I thought the OP said he didn't like HRD..  :)

Digpan still works!

73 Buddy WB4M

On 7/31/2017 2:57 PM, Jerry Heien n9avy@... [070] wrote:
" ... Butters your toast .. Rotates your tires... "

That's an upcoming HRD upgrade  !  😄

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On 31 Jul 2017, at 12:34, "mwbesemer@... [070]" <> wrote:

Totally agree, Eric.  That waterfall is the best I've ever seen... and I've looked at a lot of the software that's out there today.  I wish some of the other authors would put some time and effort into emulating the Digipan waterfall and get rid of the washed-out, out-of-focus looking waterfalls. 

I really don't want a piece of software that butters my toast and rotates my tires... I want a piece of software that does what Digipan did... and does it well.

Looking at PSKExpress again now... got it reinstalled last night and am very hopeful.


On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 1:27 PM, Radio radio@... [070] wrote:

   I don’t know about you, Mike, but I always really liked the look of the waterfall in Digipan.  The default waterfall settings in DM780 I thought were abysmal.  It took quite a bit of tweaking for me to get that nice Digipan look.  The cool thing about DM780 is that it is very customizable.

Recently I was compelled to us Fldigi for Field Day.  I am not a fan.  For one thing I never could get the “center” frequency to work via the various machine controls.  That was a deal-breaker for me.

73 de Eric, KG6MZS

On Jul 31, 2017, at 9:09 AM, Mike Flowers[070] < 070@...> wrote:

I also came to HRD DM-780 via the MixW route.  DM-780 does a great job for me with the digimodes, RTTY and CW. 

It's got some issues, but basically it's a solid performer here. 

-- Mike Flowers, K6MKF , NCDXC - "It's about  DX!"

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