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Great advice from Steve.  Here are a couple of additional suggestions from my portable trip last year. 

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4. It gets more complicated to use electronic QSL systems, and the way they work is different from system to system.
4a. For LoTW, you use your regular W7RIV certificate since that's the callsign you used. But you have to create a new station location, associate that location with the W7RIV callsign certificate, and sign the cards with that combination.

Secure an additional TSQL certificate for your call with the /P  - if you don’t have one.  If you don’t have one, getting the additional one is easy.  You just request one through TQSL.  Once you have the new certificate installed, the trick is to create a new station location for each different location you operate from with the /P account, not your primary call.


  1. In TQSL open the “Station Location” Tab.  It will show both (or all) your certificates.  Highlight the /P certificate.
  2. Select “Create a new Location”
  3. Fill in the appropriate info (first of three screens)
    1. Fill in the call sign with the /P if it didn’t fill automatically.
    2. Fill in the Grid
    3. You can leave ITU, CQ, And IOTA Zones blank if you want
    4. Select “Next”
  4. The next screen requires 2 entries.
    1. State (use the drop down)
    2. County (use the drop down) – Caution! note that it lists all counties, not just the counties for your state!)
    3. Do not check the box for “Allow ‘none’ for State” unless you are operating from a country without states or provinces
    4. Select “Next”
  5. The next screen sets the designator for this particular location.  You can use whatever you want.  I found it useful to use the state abbreviation and a sequential number for each new location within a state.  i.e.  FL-1, FL-2, MS-1, MS-2, etc.
    1. Select “Finish” and you are done!


When you upload log entries, simply use the certificate for the /P call and select your station location. 

4b. For eQSL, you need to establish a new account for the new location. Accounts are defined by callsign and a contiguous time period, so this new account is defined by W7RIV and your hours of operation. But here's where it gets messy--it means you have to end your current W7RIV account at a time just before you went portable, and create a new account for home operation that starts after you got back. 

If you set up a new account for the /P call, you can leave the time frame on your primary call in place.  It will let you have a primary account and a /P account with overlapping time periods.  What you can't do is have overlapping time periods within the account.  For the /P call account, you do have to set up a start/stop time specific slot for each location and give each slot a different "QTH Nickname".  Again I name by state abbreviation and a number i.e - FL-2, FL-3.  But different from LoTW you can't add more operations at a later date to the same "QTH Nickname".  I end up with FL-2a etc.  It sounds harder than it is.  It is easier to create the account once the portable operation is complete and you know the definite end time.

To set up the new account, log on to eQSL and go to My Accounts (the Globe icon on the first screen). Cursor down to the bottom of the page and you'll see the Register A New Attached Account block.  Fill in the info making sure to not overlap the start time with the end time of a previous /P account.  You can modify the end time of a previous account if you get the overlap message.  But you have to go back to the My Profile page (home screen and the Paper/Pencil Icon), modify the end time, and then return to the Register A new Attached Account block and start all over.  Again, it sounds much harder than it is.

Hope this helps.  And if you have questions feel free to email me off list.  My email address is good on QRZ.com

Rick - N7WE
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