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I was below 40w, when you mentioned pushing it a bit, I upped the power to see what it would do. I was hoping I could get out a little further. I didn't know to check the ALC. I'll check that out next time. I'm going to do APE on August 19th in Grid DM39. AM to Afternoon on 20m or any other band people need.

Bryon, W7RIV

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Hi Byron-

Since you were already at 50w, I wouldn't have pushed the power up.  But how do you tell if you are distorting?Other than a field report from someone - and they can't always be relied on - most just go with watching the  ALC. As you probably know, the normal rule is you are good if no ALC is showing,  But I think you are running a K3 which is different.   For the K3 the rule is 4 bars of ALC and the 5th flickering.  The K3 has a really clean transmitter and you can push it beyond 50w (if everything else is right) and still be <-25 IMD.  I don't recommend running that high a power on PSK.  From my base station, generally 25 to 30w is enough. But sometimes with a portable operation where you have a less than good antenna, you have to push the power up a bit to compensate.  I pushed it up to 50w several times when N7WE/P last year. 

I suppose the ultimate answer would be to have a spectrum analyzer in line, but I don't have that kind of $.  So I use a "IMD Meter by kk7uq" in addition to the ALC indication on the K3.  There is also something called a PSK Meter (I think) but I've never used one.  If you get a chance to pick up the IMD Meter on the used market, I highly recommend them.  They are out of production now, but come up for sale occasionally.

Hope that answers the question and hope you had a great day portable.  Sure is a different thing than operating from your station at home. I wish I could do more of it!  73,

Rick - N7WE
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