Re: DM49 Coming on the air!

Jerry N9AVY

Thought I saw a weak trace, but a KB3 called me, but I kinda rushed  him off  because I was hunting a station I saw that was in DM37.    (think it was KD7TTT)  , a needed grid.   Never found him again because of loud crash in kitchen  from Granddaughter Katie slipping on wet floor  which was followed by a lengthy phone call  from an old friend.  Never made it back to radio !
Jerry  n9avy

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Thanks Paula. I had messed up the Grid on your call. It should be DM49, make sure you log DM49.

Thanks again.  I saw N9AVY clear clear clear....cannot see me Jerry?

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I got him! For once I can see someone that you east coasties can’t get. Barry got ‘im too! J
Paula K7PAX #1739
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Look for W7RIV, just finishing the setup.
Bryon, W7RIV

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