May be a dumb question DM780

Chris J LaRue NO7E

Hi guys,

Sadly I am stuck with DM780 at this point due to my visual impairment I have to use HRD to control my rig as it puts everything on my large 42 inch LCD monitor. I would rather use Log4OM but the rig control just is not there at this time. I wish I could connect it to my ICOM RSBA-1 for rig control for my IC-7300 and IC-9100.

Ok for my question, when doing contesting and sprints using the macro function to auto increase QSO count for the contest, how do you reset it for another contest or is it automatic based on dates? I am going to to be doing a FH contest and want to know if there is anything to do to reset it so it starts at 001 for this contest. Some contests require serial number exchange and some don't so I am just trying to figure this out ahead of time. I would appreciate all input. Hopefully someday I can dump this HRD because DM780 is so much of a resource hog it is not even funny, FLDIGI uses 1/3 of the resources and does a better job at management and control.

73 de Chris NO7E

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