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Randy True

This isn't mine, but very close.One hint; make the barrel out of 1 1/4. This way you can make projectiles out of short lengths of 1" PVC with end caps. They make a nice fit in the 1 1/4. Put some pennies in the projectile to give it some weight, about an ounce, and put an eye bolt in one end. 40lbs of pressure will put it over a 40' tree. Use some cheap bulk 20lb test line. Some say 2lb is OK, but you WILL break lighter line.

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Randy W4RTT

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Thought I save a set of plans for building an air-powered antenna launcher  that used a tennis ball (far less destructive that a sinker),  but as usual can't find it.   Thought about building one and remember a friend bought one at Dayton a few years ago for $59 and said it was better than slingshot, fishing pole and spud gun. It might be somewhere on the net.
Jerry   n9avy

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I'm a master at 'hitting' limbs with a slingshot and a couple of sinkers.  I'm much less talented at getting the sinkers to go OVER the branch.

It's amazing how fast those sinkers will come back at you - DIRECTLY back at you - after hitting a limb.


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I had previously bought a cheap compound bow and taped a 1/2 oz weight to one of the arrows and can hit limbs up to around 75 feet.

73 Buddy WB4M  

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