Re: Antarctica on PSK

Steve W3HF

I had the same experience when I first saw Igor and Paulie,
EM1HO. ("Gee, that's a funny Ukrainian prefix.") Actually, they
have been on PSK for a number of months now, since the Antarctic
summer when they arrived there. I do not know when they started
on 10m PSK, but I saw them on 20m back in our Spring.

And he (Igor) had a good 20m signal into Pennsylvania on 10
September. That's when I worked him using 3 watts and my attic
dipole. He was using 100 watts and (I think) some sort of wire


Hi all,

Igor, EM1KCC, Ukrainian Antarctic base was on 10 meter PSK last
night about 2100 UTC with a good signal into Pennsylvania. No
I wondered about that, Logger was reporting Ukraine, and when I got
the "Antartic" QTH I was plesantly surprised ! Igor has been on the
air since last week, but I suppose propagations were not the best for
the US.

Demetre - SV1ENS

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