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I am very fortunate and thankful to have a friend with a bucket truck. I put a 3 ft extension with a pulley and rope off the top of my 60 ft tower. I can let my 80 meter Windom up and down. Works great, only need a tuner on 15 meter band. Have a regular 60 meter dipole at about 45 feet that works 60 and 30 meters.

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I have my 80M OCF supported at the feedpoint on a 36' pushup mast. Used a compressed air launcher to get the ends over trees at either end.

Each end is approx 35' or so.

Randy W4RTT

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Hi Rick,

My Carolina Windom 160 is about 20 feet off the ground at the short end and 35 feet up on the long end.  The OCF feedline is 22 feet long and it just clears the ground.  The manufacturer recommends 40 feet or higher for this model.  I"m sure it would perform better on 160 and 80 if I could get it up higher but I have lots of QSOs on both of those bands.  See picture of feed.  The Carolina Windom is a trademarked antenna sold by The Radio Works.

I see on their site that they are shutting down soon.  The owner is getting older and needs to cut back.  I hope someone, somewhere picks up the Carolina Windom line of antennas as everyone I've ever spoken with has nothing but good things to say.  This design has a vertical and a horizontal radiator that seems to make it work better than some other wire antennas.  I know there are folks who swear by their G5RV, Bazooka and all sorts of trap antennas.  I get it.  An 80 meter version may be what you can use?

Mine has been up continuously for over 4 years.  I used some black, UV protected, stretchy rope that I bought with the antenna at a Ham Fest.   The slingshot antenna launcher eventually got it into the trees.  My aim was not good.  "You'll shoot your eye out".  No pulleys etc.  Wrapped a long length of the rope around the tree at each end and I think that might also have some give and take in the wind.  It bounces up and down a lot in high winds.  It does get very windy here and it has stayed up during tropical storms, Nor'easters and thunderstorms.  I am just a few miles from the Amazon Wind Farm so we got wind.

I guess they are now using drones to get antennas into trees?  It should be much more accurate than the slingshot.  Anyway, the antenna off center feed balun needs some kind of support.  A fiberglass pole or tree.  Let me know if you have other questions. 

73 and Happy Radio!

Bill N4GBK
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Hi Bill -

Read your post on 070 and wanted to ask about your Carolina Windom.  I'm HOA restricted here to a vertical, but do have a couple of Oak trees in the back of the house (that opens up to wetlands and a river - no one behind me).  I definitely need some additional antenna, particularly for the lower bands and near distance.  I'm hoping I can do a stealth install that the roof line will block from view. You mentioned that your install is low.  How high is it? Are you installed using trees?  I'm not sure how I get a Windom up in them.  My tree climbing days are over... hi hi!  Trusty sling shot I guess.  If you are using trees, I'd appreciate any suggestions about pulleys and weights and so forth to handle the movement.  TU & 73,

Rick - N7WE

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