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F.R. Ashley

My brother in law has a Phantom 3 drone and is a master at flying it.  I had him fly a line over a tree too!  He also "measured" the heights of some of my trees my hovering the drone just slightly above the tree.
I had previously bought a cheap compound bow and taped a 1/2 oz weight to one of the arrows and can hit limbs up to around 75 feet.  To get higher I'd need a stronger bow.  I just lost my OCF dipole in storm so will get in more archery practice, hi

73 Buddy WB4M

On Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 8:20 AM, Jim Innis jinnis@... [070] wrote:

   You have lots of trees  and space. 

If you want to get it higher up and place it where you want it, try     this:

Recently my wire came down in a storm it had broken off at the     insulator.  So instead of messing with the slingshot, bow and arrow     that I have used in the past, called my grandson and had him bring     his drone over.  Tied some light fishing line to the drone and end     of antenna.  Flew drone up and over the tree, pulled antenna up via     the fishing line and then tied it off.

Worked like a charm, and now have the antenna up in the highest part     of the tree.

Jim, K5SP

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