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Chris J LaRue NO7E

Hi Steve,

I have a friend here in Las Vegas that is using one due to antenna restrictions and he loves it.  He works mostly JT65 and other digital modes, he has a cap over his MIC connection on his IC-7300 lol I guess he is afraid to talk.  His is only mounted at 12 feet so the HOA can not see it and he works the world on it, he had to make some adjustments with it so make sure you have an analyzer when you set it up but once set up it is great.

73 de Chris NO7E

On 7/23/17 9:33 AM, Jerry n9avy@... [070] wrote:
Got a bunch of cobwebs in basement  if you're looking for parts 

Jerry n9avy

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Anyone used or is using the 5 band Cobweb? I'm looking at going that route for a few seem pretty good.

Wondering if anyone in group has any thoughts on this critter?


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