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Jon Greene - wx5nco <wx5nco@...>

First, I hope this  is post is "ok".  I'm not a member of any other active ham radio e-lists.  

I'm debating on whether or not to put up a 40 meter double bazooka, or put up an OCF 40-6 dipole.  So far, my antenna of choice is the double bazooka.  I have a 10, 20, and 80.  The question is, whether to put up another bazooka and run another feed line into the shack, OR take down what I have and put up 1 antenna to do it all.....  This may be a no brainer to some, but I've been thinking about this for about a week now.

Jon Greene WX5NCO
Tulsa, Oklahoma EM26
PODXS-070 - #592

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