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Jim K5SP

I plan on filling those days from when my A.C. went out last year and had to stay in motel until repaired.  

Look for me every day from Monday until Aug 3.


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If I've done my homework right, there are 16 people who can possible complete their 366 Endorsement yet this year.  Coming up next in August are:

K5SP Jim  Can possibly complete on August 3

WA3WZR Loren  Can possibly complete on August 9

W7JSD Sid Can possibly complete on August 16

They may need several days between now and the possible completion date.  So if you see them calling, help them out.  I'm sure they will appreciate it and return the favor when you may need it.

Good luck and good propagation you three.  The finish line is near!

Rick - N7WE

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