Re: KC8 station, my apologies

Jerry N9AVY

KC8WSM in CO !


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On 21 Jul 2017, at 09:30, "Jon Greene - wx5nco wx5nco@... [070]" <> wrote:


I need to apologize to the group and to a KC8 station.  
I was starting a QSO with Steve, W1HS, when someone started calling CQ right on top of us.  My signal report to Steve could have been interpreted as being rude (59 when not being walked on).  If you were the KC8 station, I apologize.  With the bands the way they are, you most likely didn't see us, and we didn't see you until BAM, the band was open.  

Jon Greene WX5NCO
Tulsa, Oklahoma EM26
070 - 592
30DMC - 1233
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