Re: PODXS Net???

Marty Grove

I hadn't thought about Net Logger or something similar (good idea Dan, KZ3T). 

I started kicking the idea around a couple weeks ago after stumbling on to an informal Contestia net in which I joined in.  It appears they were conducting their net the ol' fashion way; net control called for members first using call prefixes, then calling for non-members by prefix.  Stations signing in to the net would notify net control if they had priority traffic or not.  Then net control would repeat all the logged calls and then go through the entire call list, starting with any priority traffic and give each person an opportunity to say something.  Some people used their time to log a contact with someone else on the net (call sign & signal report exchange) if they didn't have that station in their log.  Others would simply say something about their selves (recent interesting contacts, local weather, still breathing... that sort of thing). 

Due to current conditions it might be a good idea to have a couple "net controllers", one station west and one station east of the Mississippi for relays that can hear each other. 

Anyway, just thought i'd toss the idea out there.  It seems there is some interest in it and it might give other digital users an opportunity to find PODXS via radio and join the club. 

Marty - KJ4LQX 

On 07/21/2017 07:22 AM, ki4vmk@... [070] wrote:

Sounds good to me


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