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Right. There isn't much difference between the two but I was just trying to set a max distance record for my setup.
Either way I almost fell out of the chair when he came back with a 599.  Are you kidding me???
That's the main reason that I stuck with this mode since 2002.  Ya just never know.

Many thanks to all you learned scholars on antenna theory for all the logical suggestions of how to position my vertical.  I always wondered about that.  You think that if I rotate it in a circular motion that I could get everyone really well???  Satellites???

73 GDX!!!

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... and if you want to work /mm  stations put antenna is a barrel of water !

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No, no.  If you want to work across the equater, you turn it upside down.  If you want to work the opposite hemisphere, you turn it sideways.

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I asked him.  I had made several contacts there in the weeks before including him (VK3BM).  The mornings we talked with his beam oriented toward Europe and I also was able to work Reunion Island at the same time. Later on he said that he swung it around and came across the Pacific. I googled his QTH and immediately understood why we had the QSO.  The beam antenna on his tower was bigger than his house.

I was curious as to why I got him both times that is why I asked.   I did the same thing with a station near Adeleide too.

When the prop is in, it is in even for qrp stations.  Sure do miss those days though.  Haven't had contact with the Aussie's in quite a while now.

Jerry I tried to rotate the vertical but nothing changed???????  Maybe I should mount it upside down but then I would have to operate prq. Ya had to go there didn't ya.

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Rotate the vertical, of course !
Jerry  N9AVY

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When using a vertical how do you determine if your contact is long path or short path.


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Great catch!  I've seen him at my QTH but no joy here.

I was blown away when I reached Australia on long path.  I was on 20m using a vertical on the roof with 1.5 watts.
As you said, "when it's in it's in!  Ya gotta love this mode!

73  GDX!!
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